Bring all of your influencer marketing campaigns under one roof... managed by you!

Say goodbye to the old way of influencer management.
Say Hello to Assembly.

Turn influencer marketing
into long term success

Our cloud-based software empowers businesses to launch influencer marketing campaigns and manage the entire lifecycle of their campaigns.

Now, isn’t that a beautiful thing?

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How to improve your
influencer marketing efforts with Assembly

Onboard Influencers

Use Assembly to invite influencers and partners that you work with on a regular basis or invite new influencers to join new campaigns. Assembly can be white labeled for your brand, agency or company.

Create Specific &
Targeted Campaigns

With Assembly you can create campaigns with various objectives, from CPC, CPA, Flat fee and more. You identify your campaign goals to ensure an ROI positive campaign.

Manage Your Campaigns

Creating campaigns used to be extremely tedious and time consuming. Assembly allows you to invite influencers, create and plan campaigns, manage logistics, creative approvals, verified tracking, payments and analytics and reporting.

Track, Analyze &
Report on everything

Assembly was created for performance by leveraging our in house pixel tracking technology. We provide the flexibility to run various campaign types and track the campaigns back to performance. Track and analyze click through rates, social impact, engagements, ROI and other key metrics, all of which can be downloaded to csv or created into a performance report.